veolia - When did garbage pick up become rocket science?

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When did the pick-up of a persons garbage become such an overwhelming job.At first we had Waste Mgmt.

do our garbage pick-up but after being missed 8 times in the last two years and dealing with a billing dept. that even their Mgmt. couldn't figure out we switched to Veolia. And for the last 2 months Veolia is worse than Waste Mgmt.

You never know what day its going to be picked up, garbage falling on the ground and the driver not picking it up, and now the city of Elba has still not had their garbage picked up and its Monday, July 1.Pickup was to be on Friday, so its now 3 days late. If you call the office you are told by operators that everyone is in a meeting and you will be called back. That started 6 hours ago, still no call back and still no garbage pick up. I really didn't enjoy having a stinking garbage can sitting in front of my house all weekend, and no place to put any other garbage.

When did the pick up of garbage become rocket science????

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #682033

Veolia Environmental are a waste management company that has charged my business an extraordinary amount of money for rubbish removal.It is a scam!!!!!

They signed me up on a reasonable rate for a three year contract and since the initial honeymoon period the increase in charges have been significant and atleast twice a year since.

IM NOT HAPPY and cannot wait for the day of our contract to finish where I can leave their bins out on the streets of Melbourne Victoria Australia forever.It is a RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!

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